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Area Women in Business of Fargo Moorhead: Marcia Kyser-Cleary, RDA

Author: Lauren Falkner

Women in Business: Marcia Kyser-Cleary, RDA

Marcia Kyser-Cleary, RDA
Born: Fargo, ND.
Education: Wahpeton State School of Science, 1970
Business: Registered Dental Assistant, Hetland Dental
Community volunteering: Patron of the arts
On leadership, “Leaders are doers and they have to gain respect before they can lead.”

Caring about others is evident in Marcia’s professional and personal lives. As a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) Marcia works closely with Dr. Dennis Hetland during operative dental procedures by assisting Dr. Hetland and reassuring patients. Marcia loves her profession and cares about and wants to inspire people to become and stay aware of their dental health.

Much is now known about the effects of dental health on people’s general health. Not only does good dental care contribute to general health it does a lot for people’s appearance and quality of life. Sedation dentistry is a large part of the Hetland practice and can help nervous patients get through procedures to repair years of damage or address immediate concerns. Marcia said that teeth whitening, and veneers can also help people feel better about their smiles and functional dentistry such as correcting bites can relieve joint pain in the face.

After returning to Fargo from a two year stint in Germany as a military wife and graduating from the Registered Dental Assistant program, Marcia first worked in dentistry until the mid 1970’s. At that time, her hair stylist encouraged her to go to cosmetology school and become a hair stylist. Through hair styling and services, Marcia continued to work hands-on with people to care and feel good about their looks. Marcia is quick to point out that the dental and the hair stylizing professions overlap because facial structure is an important consideration in each profession.

Always looking for a new opportunity, Marcia also became a real-estate agent in the late 1970’s… again, Marcia was working on behalf of people to meet their housing needs.

Eventually Marcia’s caring demeanor was needed within her family when a relative suffered through severe medical problems. Marcia spent six months taking care of her sister-in-law and most of the time lived in Rochester MN with her while she was being treated at the Mayo Clinic.

Returning to Fargo in 1987, Marcia went back in to dentistry with Dr. Mary Walker and then joined Dennis Hetland’s practice in 1998.

Marcia’s favorite saying is, “Cowboy up” meaning “pull it together” or “buck up” to a challenge and Marcia has done that - persevering and coming out on the other side of tough times.

Adversity has hit hard along the way. Marcia’s mother and several sisters died at young ages, she went through a devastating divorce after many years of marriage and regrets never having children of her own. However, with wonderful support from friends and family and her professional family, she worked literally and figuratively through the challenges.

Marcia is now remarried to a wonderful guy and her nieces and nephews are like her own children. Her nieces and nephews fill the void of not having her own children but learning the hard way, she encourages young professionals to fit in having children of their own.

When asked what her favorite job has been along the way – caring again comes out loud and clear. Marcia loves to garden and take care of growing plants. Somewhat limited with her current home garden because of a small yard and not the best growing conditions, Marcia is looking forward to gardening this coming spring at a sister’s new home in the country.

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